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Fitzroy Legal Service, Level 4, 126 Moor Street (access via courtyard)
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

T 03 9355 4700 T 03 9355 4700


Black Fish Medical Centre, 215/235 Rossiter Road
Koo Wee Rup, Vic 3981

T 1300 623 523 T 1300 623 523


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The Purpose of FMC

FMC’s purpose is to make provision for the relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune and helplessness directly to people in Australia, including those who have experienced family violence.

To achieve this, FMC will provide a range of services for the enhancement of family relationships and the prevention, management and resolution of family conflict, including but not limited to family mediation, conciliation, arbitration, counselling, child counselling, family therapy, elder abuse prevention, relationship education which is:

(a) community based; and

(b) easily accessible to all members of the community in need of benevolent relief;

and provide a range of services including:

(a) financial counselling and financial literacy skills development to those living in poverty or lacking financial resources;

(b) assistance, support and treatment for adults, adolescents, children and families living with mental health issues, abuse issues and/or where anxiety, suicide risk, antisocial behaviour and trauma are present

(c) management or resolution of conflict and/or the enhancement of relationships to alleviate the suffering of children, adults and families with high levels of distress, isolation and complex needs, ;

To conduct professional consulting, training and education services in areas including human relationships, conflict management and resolution, family and organisational functioning;

To contribute to the promotion, development and reform of practice and policy in the above areas, and to contribute to community development activities in relation to these areas; and

As an organisation and as individuals, we value compassion, optimism, professionalism and empowerment – these are present in every action we take.

Our Mission is to help people take back control over their lives. 


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