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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Whether married, de facto or same-sex, family separations can be stressful and emotional.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a mediation process for separating couples to address their parenting issues without having to incur the cost (financial and emotional) of  going through court proceedings.

In fact the Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 requires couples with parenting issues to attend FDR and make a ‘genuine effort’ to resolve their issues prior to lodging a court application. Therefore, FDR practitioners must be accredited and registered with the Federal Attorney General’s department to practice in Australia.

It can also be used by grandparents, step-parents or other family members who have had a significant relationship with a child and want to continue that relationship despite the breakdown of the parents’ relationship.

What sort of issues can you help me with?

Family Dispute Resolution can help you to:

What can I expect from family dispute resolution?

For a full explanation of the FDR process including how we work with your ex-partner, click here.

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