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Financial Help

When relationships end due to separation, divorce or death, finances are often the last thing on your mind.

Dealing with emotional strain, uncertainty or conflict is hard enough. For many having to manage finances for the first time post separation is daunting.

However getting your finances in order is important. If you find yourself unable to pay the bills, landed with a debt you didn’t know about or having difficulties separating finances from your ex, we can help you assess your situation and create a plan to:

  • Face your capacity to service debt
  • Deal with the impact of joint debt
  • Manage the ramifications of being a silent business partner or trustee of the family fund
  • Ensure you leave your family (in the face of terminal illness) in as sound a financial situation as possible
  • Learn how to manage your finances.

Our service is confidential and all our Financial Counsellors are highly qualified and experienced.

Please note that financial counselling is NOT the same as a potentially costly debt consolidation service.

How do I find out more or make an appointment?

Call us on 1800 639 523 and we can help.

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