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FMC’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) aims to enhance mental health and wellbeing, maximise productivity, and improve organisational culture.

Personal and work related issues can lead to lost productivity, absenteeism, high levels of stress, employee turnover, accidents, and critical incidents which all impact negatively on an organisation.

By providing employees with access to free, voluntary and confidential assistance with a qualified psychologist, social worker or counsellor, employers can see improvements in workplace environment and increases in staff morale, performance and productivity.

If your organisation is looking for dynamic ways to support employees and their families, FMC’s EAP can assist. Employers can select modules appropriate for their organisation and employees, and within their available resources.

FMC’s modular EAP offers include:

1. Employee Assistance
2. Managers Assistance
3. Mediation or conflict resolution assistance
4. Debriefing, Critical Incident Responses and Organisational Capacity Building
5. Access to 1800 24hr contact number
6. Training and Professional Development
7. Health and Wellbeing Talks

Find our Information Sheet for employers here:

  EAP Information sheet for Employers 

For further information or to make an appointment to find out more on how employers can provide FMC EAP to their employees please contact FMC directly on: 1800 639 523.

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