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Relationships, like people, are ever evolving. Sometime relationships can feel a little unstable or uncertain and being open and honest about your feelings can feel risky.

Counselling is a way to help you overcome these challenges and strengthen relationships.

On an individual basis, as a couple or as a family, counselling is a way to identify and clarify your issues or fears and explore options to address those concerns.

Our relationship counsellors work with adults, adolescents and couples at all stages of life.

Counselling can help you through emotional problems, parenting challenges or responsibilities, marital problems, the complexities of blending families or just living together.

Counselling sessions are confidential. Anything you say to your counsellor will be kept private unless there are exceptional circumstances such as legal requirements to report abuse or suspected abuse.

All FMC counsellors are skilled and non-judgmental professionals.

If you would like more information about counselling, follow the links below. For advice about counselling please call us on 1800 639 523 or speak to your GP.

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